Contact Details
Rahway Dance Theatre
1439 Irving St.
Rahway, NJ 07065
Jay Skeete Lee, Director
Phone: (732) 388-4242
Fax : (732) 388-4495
Phone : (732) 388-4242
Our Staff
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Ms. J. Skeete Lee
Director / Owner
"Reach for the stars...."

Ms. Cecelia Breeden
School Admin.

Front Desk, School Tuition,Fundraising and Company affairs.

Ms. Ann Maple
Front Desk

General front desk info.
Open / Close School
News & Events
thanks to " Ms Sabeana Mingo" and "Ms. Phyllis Williams" for all your work, as well as " Mr. John Maple" and " Mr. Carl Bigelow" doing the backstage for the last two years. School will be closed till july 5th. Reg for fall online. Thank all teachers and staff.